Jyväskylän e-urheiluseura ry

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Jklesports, jkl esports, logo, Jyväskylän e-urheiluseura ry


The Jyväskylä esport association is one of the oldest associations in Jyväskylä that is still organising esport activities and related events. The association’s guiding values are community, accessibility and localism. The maintenance of Jklesports’ activities is carried out by volunteers. For more than a decade, the association has organised LAN events and other esports related activities in Central Finland.

Jklesports, jkl esports, logo, Jyväskylän e-urheiluseura ry

What is Jklesports?

Jklesports is a non-profit organisation of local esports and related activities. The association was founded in 2012 and has organized online gaming, spectator and side events, among others. The aim of the association is to make esport activities accessible to all.

Our partners


You can contact us through our discord server (link at the bottom of the site) or by email.