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Mini Jessembly

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Mini Jessembly



The event has been designed with ease in mind, which means that all locations will have their PCs and gear set up and ready to go.

Mini Jessembly PC setups are on sale now until the 22nd of September to the 10th November. Due to high demand, there will also be an extra batch of booths available from the 30th of September!

There are 10 sleeping places available for sale.

Tickets are limited, so grab yours now! Payment methods include all major banks and Visa/Mastercard.

LAN Rules

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to abide by these rules and indicate your acceptance of their contents.

To ensure that the LAN weekend runs smoothly and without any major incidents or trouble, it is important to go through the common rules before arriving at the venue. By purchasing a ticket and attending the Mini Jessembly LAN event, you agree to abide by the rules below throughout the weekend. In case of problems, please contact the organisers or staff as soon as possible. The quickest way to reach us is via the Jklesports -Discord #helpdesk channel or the STAFF desk.

Any form of bullying or harrassment is strictly forbidden at the event. The Mini Jessembly is an event open to all ticket holders and everyone is welcome to attend as they are. Remember to look after your mates and be nice to your fellow attendees!

Rules on alcohol consumption

  • Alcohol may be consumed Fri 18:00 – Sun 14:00-
  • There is no actual percentage limit, but common sense is allowed-
  • Open drinks may not be taken outside in front of the building or in the smoking area-
  • A map of the exact alcohol zone will be posted on the website and displayed at the event


Miia Korhonen, Jklesports ry Discord: miiuwu, puheenjohtaja[at]jklesports.fi

The person violating the rules may be removed from the area without warning. Persons removed from the area are not allowed to return to the area during the event and are not entitled to a refund for ticket purchases.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaping) on campus is prohibited everywhere else, except in designated outdoor smoking areas. Any fire alarm or other action caused by smoking is the responsibility of the person who caused it.


  • Firearms, bladed weapons, and their replicas (including knives and multi-tools with a knife handle)
  • Explosives, fireworks
  • Drugs
  • Laser pointers
  • Large loudspeakers which do not fit neatly into the LAN setup
  • Smoke machines
  • Kickboards and wheels inside the LAN area
  • Household appliances (there is a microwave, fridge and coffee machine in the area)

Please only bring medicines for which you have a prescription to show if necessary. Please be prepared to present a personal and official prescription slip (paper/formulary) if you are in possession of prescription medicines. Medicines must be in their original packaging.

If necessary, LAN attendees may be subject to a security check before entering the area. The organisers reserve the right to confiscate prohibited items for the duration of the event.

Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. There will be refuse sacks for empty bottles/cans and rubbish in the vicinity of the venues. So everyone should make sure that their own PC Setup is left in a tidy condition before leaving. The organisers are not responsible for participants’ equipment or other personal property.

Piracy and other online trickery is prohibited in the LAN. Please remember that all Finnish laws, including copyright laws, also apply at Mini Jessembly. We hope that this will also hold for the future of the events. The network can be monitored to prevent unauthorised use.

Viewing pornographic and/or highly violent content in public, for example from your own monitor, is strictly forbidden in the LAN.

Additional structures may be placed in your own LAN setup as long as they fit in it, and are a maximum of two (2) meters above the floor. We do not wish to have additional electrical equipment in the LAN area. There is a microwave and refrigerator in the LAN area, and the campus cafeteria kiosk serves hot drinks and snacks during its opening hours, and there are 2 coffee makers in the LAN kitchen, so you can leave them at home.


  • For a non-BYOC event, PCs and other peripheral gear are on loan from other operators or are part of the facility. In the event of any damage to the equipment, the party causing the damage is liable for the damage caused.
  • Doors to the GamePit Pro space that slide out may not be left open. Also, any area on campus that is not part of the LAN area (marked with no trespassing signs) is off limits. Pushing doors open or walking in the wrong areas will cause an alarm, especially during the evening hours. Unwarranted alarms will be charged at the cost incurred.
    Outsiders without wristbands are not allowed in the lanes. In addition, persons under 18 years of age are also not allowed to enter the event area. Purchasing a ticket without sufficient age will not admit a minor to the event.
  • Parking in front of the D1 entrance is prohibited. Parking during loading and unloading is allowed, but cars must be parked in the marked parking area. The D1 entrance is used as an emergency exit, so access must be kept unobstructed.
  • It is forbidden to sleep at the PC setups/general LAN area or in cars. There is a designated sleeping area at the LAN, where you can buy tickets from the ticket office or staff. Any damage or vandalism to the venue is prohibited and the perpetrator will be liable for compensation.
  • Also, please do not affix stickers anywhere in the venue.
  • Event guests are not permitted to sell or publicly advertise any business, product or service outside of the LAN sponsors. This includes, but is not limited to, free distribution, advertising, and the sale of computer goods, food, and software without specific permission.
  • Photography, videography and other forms of content production for commercial use at the event are prohibited without the express written permission of the organiser. Streaming from your PC setup is permitted.
  • A limited number of access cards and Jamk parking permits will be made available. Cards and permits must be left in a lockable box in the GamePit area at the A3 door at the end of the rental period. Anyone using a badge or parking permit is responsible for it and for any damage if it is lost. A fee of €50 will be charged for lost access cards or parking permits.


  • Don’t take over the consoles for the whole weekend, give others a chance to play on them.
  • If you take speakers with you, don’t turn them up so loud that it disturbs others.
  • Registration for the event is binding after payment has been made.
  • If there is anything unclear, please do not hesitate to ask the organisers at the STAFF table on site. You can contact us before the event and also during the event via social media or email.
  • We reserve the right to make any changes.
Additional information on catering (Juvenes)


Kampuksen ravintola Juvenes hemmottelee lanikansaa perjantaista lauantaihin. Juveneksen Cafe Curve ravintolan löydät pääovien vasemmalta puolelta kulkiessasi pääovista (D1) kampukselle.

PERJANTAI LANIRUOKA (klo 14:00-18:30)
  • Kana-fetatortillat (kasvisversio tarvittaessa)
  • Pizza (kinkku-ananas ja mozzarella-tomaatti)
  • Lihapullat
  • Kiusaus
Perjantain salaattipöytä (sis. hintaan)
  • Vihreä salaatti
  • Raaste
  • Perunasalaatti
  • Nachot + Salsa
  • Jalapenot
  • Chilimajoneesi (hodarit/lihapullat/siivet kaveriksi)

LAUANTAI LANIRUOKA (klo 11:00-16:00)

  • Kana-fetatortillat (kasvisversio tarvittaessa)
  • Pizza (metvursti-ananas ja mozzarella-tomaatti)
  • Kanansiivet
  • Kiusaus
Lauantain salaattipöytä (sis. hintaan)
  • Vihreä salaatti
  • Raaste
  • Perunasalaatti
  • Nachot + Salsa
  • Jalapenot
  • Chilimajoneesi (hodarit/lihapullat/siivet kaveriksi)

Ruuan hinta on 8,45€ / ateria (santsaus on sallittu) ja maksu tehdään kassalle.


Kahvila on auki perjantaina klo 10:30-19:30 ja lauantaina klo 9:00-17:00.

Lisäksi itsepalvelukioski palvelee kahvilan aukioloajan. Huomioithan, että itsepalvelukioskilla käy vain korttimaksu ja Pivo.


The Juvenes restaurant on campus treats its guests from Friday to Saturday. The Juvenes Cafe Curve restaurant is located on the left side of the main doors as you walk through the main doors (D1) to the campus.


The café is open on Friday from 10:30 to 19:30 and on Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00.

In addition, a self-service kiosk is open during the café’s opening hours. Please note that the self-service kiosk only accepts card payment and Pivo.

Other services

The main campus of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences is located right near the city centre. Tapionkatu K-Market is located 200 metres from the main campus, where you can pick up more food if needed.

There is a private dining area for lane-goers in the lane area, where you can heat up your own microwaves, use the fridge or coffee machine.

Wolt delivers to your door until 00 o’clock and Foodora until 02 o’clock. In addition, the Puistokatu Kebab Pizzeria is located on Puistokatu, open from 10:00 to 22:00 on Friday and from 11:00 to 22:00 on Saturday.

LAN Area Map

Mini Jessembly lanialueen kartta
Klikkaa isommaksi

Lan supporters

  • Meeko
  • Nezu

Mini Jessembly -tickets

GamePit Pro -konepaikka

  • Tehokas pelikone (i7-12700K/RTX 3080/RAM 16GB/240 hz 24-27”-näyttö)
  • Logitech -lisälaitteet ja mukava pelituoli
  • Suosituimmat pelit asennettuna ja päivitettynä
  • 1000M/1000M nopea verkko
  • Paikka sijaitsee GamePit Pro -tilassa

GamePit Extra -konepaikka

  • Laadukas pelikone (i7-9700K/RTX 2070/RAM 16GB/240 hz 24” -näyttö)
  • Logitech -lisälaitteet ja mukava pelituoli
  • Suosituimmat pelit asennettuna ja päivitettynä
  • 1000M/1000M nopea verkko
  • Paikka sijaitsee GamePit Pro -tilassa

Exen Esports -konepaikka

  • Tehokas pelikone (i5-13600K/RTX 3080/RAM 32GB/240 hz 24″ -näyttö)
  • Lisälaitteet (hiiri, näppäimistö, headset ja hiirimatto) + toimistotuoli
  • Windows asennettuna (pelit asennetaan itse)
  • Vähintään 100M/100M verkko
  • Paikka sijaitsee GamePitin yhteydessä olevassa tilassa

Mini Jessembly Basic -konepaikka

  • Laadukas pelikone (i7-9400F/RTX 2060/RAM 16GB/144 hz 24” -näyttö)
  • Lisälaitteet (hiiri, näppäimistö, headset ja hiirimatto) + toimistotuoli
  • Windows asennettuna (pelit asennetaan itse)
  • Vähintään 100M/100M verkko
  • Paikka sijaitsee GamePitin yhteydessä olevassa tilassa

Additional products

Info on the accommodation product

With this ticket you can stay in GamePit Pro for the duration of the lanes (Fri-Sat night,
Sat-Sun night)

Note: The accommodation is divided from the LAN by partitions, so we cannot guarantee a completely noise-free sleeping space.
There are 4 bunk beds (8 beds + 2 high quality electric mattresses).
Pillows and blankets are provided, please bring your own bedding.

Mini Jessembly - schedule

Friday 10.11. Saturday 11.11. Sunday 12.11.
Free gaming from 17:00-23:59
Free gaming from 00:00-23:59
Free gaming from 00:00-14:00
Start info around 17:30-18:00
Game Makers of Finland speech at 16:00
End info at around 13:30-14:00
Surprise tournament around 21:00-02:00
Free pizza from Fizza at 20:00
Pro Pilkki 2 -tournament around 21:00-02:00

Pro Pilkki 2 -turnaus

Mini Jessembly Saturday night will host the Pro Pilkki 2 tournament! The prizes for the tournament will of course be provided by Rapala Finland. More information about the exact schedule and format of the tournament will be available at the lanes. Tight lines!

  • What: Pro Pilkki 2 -tournament
  • Where: at Mini Jessembly lanes 10.11.-12.11.
  • Participation: from your own location, no need to register
  • Prizes: Rapala products

Fizza pizzas

The LAN will be served free pizzas by Fizza on Saturday at 20.00, so be there to taste it!

The new Fizza vending machine can be found in the Jyväskylä harbour and is open 24/7! It only takes three minutes to bake a handmade pizza from the machine, after which the machine will push the fresh pizza out, ready packed in a box.

Read more about Fizza here!


Tournament rewards provided by:

Free pizza delivered by:

A LAN in Jyväskylä

The Mini Jessembly lanes will feature the GamePit Pro eSports room and its showcase kitchen area, plus an additional AP10 classroom with direct access from the kitchen area and the rear of the GamePit.

GamePit Pro is a state-of-the-art eSports space that can be rented for a variety of events; team training, corporate team building, meeting space, or a game night for a group of friends.

Read more in the GamePit space usage guidelines:

GamePit Pro konesetit

GamePit Extra konesetit

Basic/Exen -konepaikkojen tila

GamePit Pro yleinen tila

GamePit Pro majoitus

GamePit Pro konsolinurkka



Rajakatu 35, 40200 Jyväskylä
GamePit Pro by Jamk (A3 door)

On arrival

If you arrive by car, parking is via Rajakatu and Eeronkatu to the main parking area of the campus.
Parking is allowed in places without a charging pole.

Supporting the Lan


You can contact us through our Discord channel or by email:

Miia Korhonen
Email: puheenjohtaja[at]jklesports.fi
Discord: miiuwu