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The Association’s affairs are managed by a Board, consisting of a chairman elected for one term, who is also appointed as the Chairman of the Association, and from two to eight (2-8) other full members. The Chairman of the Association shall be elected by the Annual Meeting of the Association for a term of one (1) year at a time. It shall organize itself and elect from among its members a Vice-Chairman and such other officials as may be necessary.

Its duties shall include the conduct of the affairs of the Association, including planning and conducting meetings, budgeting for events and recruiting volunteers, and other representational duties at various events.

If you are interested in supporting our activities, please contact us via the Membership form or the Chairman of the Board in the way of your choice.

You can read more about the associations’s activities on the Association page. Below you can see the members of the Board. They can be reached from the email hallitus[at]jklesports.fi unless otherwise stated.

Board members 2024

hallitus, jklesports, yhdistys

Miia Korhonen


Discord: miiuwu



hallitus, jklesports, yhdistys

Elmo Hämäläinen


Discord: elmojoha



hallitus, jklesports, yhdistys

Sami Johansson


Discord: zamius



hallitus, jklesports, yhdistys

Arttu Pekonniemi

Stage Manager

Discord: arttuhitsari

hallitus, jklesports, yhdistys

Paula Hokkanen

Secretary / Event Manager

Discord: admiral.cibo

hallitus, jklesports, yhdistys

Thomas Semenius

Stakeholder Manager

Discord: tumppi

Email: yhteistyo[at]jklesports.fi

hallitus, jklesports, yhdistys

Sami Virtanen

Discord moderator /

Event Team

Discord: nep0ne

hallitus, jklesports, yhdistys

Ragnar Törnblom

Media Manager

Discord: halloww



hallitus, jklesports, yhdistys

Essi Pirttivaara

Event Team

Discord: essihandele